Autumn Scented Candles – Fall is in the air!

Autumn Scented Candles

Fall is in the air!  Who else loves filling your home with the fragrances of the seasons?  Avon Home Fragrance Collection candles will bring the warm, comforting fragrances of fall into your home.  So sit back, relax and escape with rich vibrant scents of fall.


We’ve got some new fragrances this year that are sure to become favorites.  There are 7 new scents, so be sure to scroll down to see each one.  There’s 2 ‘pumpkin’ scents for all my #PumpkinSpice lovers.




Autumn Scented Candles!


Autumn Scented Candles Avon Home Fragrances Pumpkin Apple Cider Candle

Pumpkin Apple Cider Candle


Sweet scent of pumpkin and apple cider.  Notes of heirloom pumpkin, apple cider, buttered rum and allspice.  Regularly $19.99, sale $11.99

Buy Avon’s Pumpkin Apple Cider Candle now.


Autumn Scented Candles Avon Home Fragrance Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Candle

Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Candle


Sweet fragrances of pumpkin and maple syrup.  Notes of pumpkin, bourbon-infused maple syrup, caramelized sugar and cinnamon.  Regularly $19.99, sale $11.99

Buy Avon’s Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Candle now.


Autumn Scented Candles Avon Home Fragrances Apple Picking Candle

Apple Picking Candle

Who doesn’t love the scent of fresh picked apples?  Notes of red apple, maplewood, cinnamon and oakmoss.  Regularly $19.99, sale $11.99

Buy Avon’s Apple Picking Candle now.


Autumn Scented Candles Avon Home Fragrances Mandarin and Clove Candle

Mandarin and Clove Candle


Experience the sweet and spicy scent when mandarin meet clove.  Notes of spiced mandarin, clove, pine needle and sweet amber.  Regularly $19.99, sale $11.99

Buy Avon’s Mandarin and Clove Candle now.


Autum Scented Candles Avon Home Fragrances Falling Leaves Candle

Falling Leaves Candle


Surround your senses with the crisp fragrance of falling leaves.  Notes of apple, fall leaves, holiday citrus and honeyed acorn.  Regularly $19.99, sale $11.99

Buy Avon’s Falling Leaves Candle now.


Autumn Scented Candles Avon Home Fragrances Vanilla Creme Brulee Candle

Vanilla Crème Brûlée Candle


Experience the sweet scent of Crème Brûlée.  Notes of sweet vanilla, caramel brûlée, custard cream and spiced rum.  Regularly $19.99, sale $11.99

Buy Avon’s Crème Brûlée Candle now.


Autumn Scented Candles Avon Home Fragrances Campfire Smores Candle

Campfire S’mores Candle


Bring the amazing scent of sweet and smoky fireside s’mores into your home.  Notes of roasted marshmallow, vanilla, oak and woodsmoke.  Regularly $19.99, sale $11.99

Buy Avon’s Campfire S’mores Candle now.


Autumn Scented Candles are seasonal items.  Be sure to browse the entire ‘Home’ department on my eStore for other great fall/autumn seasonal items →  Avon Home.


Sale pricing for candles is effective as of this post and throughout Campaign 20, 2018 – which is available through September 17, 2018.  Always visit my estore for current pricing.


All Autumn Scented Candles:

  • 3-wick candle
  • 11 oz. candle
  • 30 hours of burn time
  • 4″ diam. x 3 1/4″ H
  • Glass jar
  • Metal cover
  • Wax candle
  • Assembled in USA


Candle Safety Tips:

  • Never leave burning candle unattended.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep away from things that can catch fire.
  • Trim wick to 1/4″ (6.35 mm) each time before lighting.


This is such an exciting time of the year for Avon Representatives like me.  Love sharing all the wonderful holiday items with you.  Follow us on social media (links below) so you won’t miss out on any posts.


Happy autumn!



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