ANEW Skin Care – Which Regimen?

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ANEW Skin Care

Avon ANEW Skin Care Regimen


There’s so many products out there to choose from…


Do you want to start an Avon ANEW skin care regimen but aren’t sure how?  Do you think it will be time-consuming?  What about all of the choices that there are out there?  How will you choose?  How do you know what’s right for your skin type?  Isn’t a skin care regimen expensive?  How long do skin care products last and how often will I need to replace them?  Well, if you’re like most of us out there over the age of 30, these questions can keep us from starting and even continuing a skin care regimen.  Most of us wish for the magic potion that will help us roll back the hands of time and circumstance to regain the youthful appearance we had back in our 20’s and to prevent future damage to our skin.


I decided to write this article after completing the online course at Avon University online training for Avon Representatives and becoming an ANEW Skin Care Specialist.  Hopefully this article will shed some light on these questions and show you that starting and maintaining a skin care regimen is easier than you think once you know what the right products for you are and most important it’s not as expensive as you think.


Avon ANEW Skin Care Regimen


First let’s look at our skin:


Our outer ‘beauty’ is more than just skin deep.  Skin has 3 layers and the aging process and environment effect not only the surface of the skin, but deeper.


skin layers


Now let’s look at the 4 skin types:

Normal skin:  clear, even, soft, supple, neither tight nor greasy and has a high degree of elasticity

Dry skin:  gets irritated and tight after cleansing, sometimes appears flaky and tends to show fine lines easily.

Combination Skin:  dry at cheeks but oily at ‘T-zone’ (nose & forehead) with medium-sized pores

Oily skin:  shiny with enlarged pores, rough or irregular feel, prone to blackheads and blemishes (click here to see Avon ClearSkin products for Acne prone skin)


7 Factors that effect Skin – Skin Care’s 7 Sins


  1.  The Sun – UVA and UVB rays:  UVB damages the surface of skin (epidermis) and causes sunburn, think of ‘B’ for burn while UVA damages the deeper layer ‘dermis’ and causes photo-aging, think of ‘A’ for aging.


  1.  Smoking:  decreases the nutrients and oxygen supply to the skin, contains free-radicals that weaken collagen and elasticity and accelerates the aging process of the skin.


  1.  Stress and not enough sleep:  causes the skin to become dryer, more sensitive and acne prone or excessively oily.


  1.  Pollution:  clogs pores, contains free-radicals which breakdown structures like Collagen and Elastin, causing roughness, loss of elasticity and,  wrinkles


  1.  Facial expressions:  Oh wow, don’t frown.  Frowning causes lines on forehead.  Smiling causes smile lines.  Squinting causes lines around eyes.  These lines and  creases from facial expressions do become permanent.  I remember being a kid and my mom telling me to stop making funny faces or else I’d stay that way someday, to think there was truth to that was unimaginable back then.




  1.  Everyday Diet:  Fast food and sugary food are definitely ‘good’ skin no-no’s.  You need to make sure that your diet includes essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Not empty calories.


  1.  Your sleep position:  not only is getting the right amount of sleep important, but sleeping in the right position is important too.  Side sleeping causes lines on your chin and cheeks.  Face down sleeping causes lines on your forehead.  Sleeping on your back is the best to prevent lines.


Skin aging and stages:


30’s – begin to lose radiance and skin starts to look tired and dull, less clear, more uneven, becomes slower to repair and more dry.


40’s – fine lines begin to appear, visible photo-damage, fine lines appear around the eyes (crow’s-feet), skin begins to lose elasticity, increases in dryness and the ability to repair decreases.


50’s – more wrinkles are visible, pores and age spots enlarge, sagging around eyes, cheek and jaw line and the surface layer of the skin thins.


All of the above ages and stages depend on your own genetics, lifestyle (see the 7 sins above) and your overall health.  So it’s quite possible that your skin age stage may be younger or older than your actual age based on your genetics and lifestyle.  I’m very pleased with the way I am aging, for 50-something I am more in the 40’s category than the 50’s category.  I have used a moisturizer with SPF in it since I was in my 20’s every single day.


As an Avon representative, I do enjoy trying new products and changing up my personal skin care regimen.  I love hearing “Wow, your skin looks great.  What are you using?” or “I can’t believe you’re in your 50’s, you look younger.”  It all boils down to good skin care and daily use of sunscreen, even on a cloudy day and even in the winter.


What does an Avon ANEW skin care regimen involve?


  1.  Cleanse:  eliminate excess oils, debris, makeup and refreshes skin.  When?  a.m. and p.m. (one of the worst things you can do is to go to bed with your makeup still on) always pat skin dry after cleansing – do not rub.


  1.  Treat:  target specific concerns like deep wrinkles, sagging skin, under eye circles.


  1.  Moisturizer:  use a day cream or lotion with SPF in the a.m.  – moisturizer and protect and a night cream in the p.m. to repair and rejuvenate.


  1.  Eye Care:  special formulations for the delicate eye-area, help correct problems like dark circles, puffiness, sagging or crow’s-feet.


How do you determine which Avon ANEW skin care regimen is right for you?


Take the Avon ANEW skin care quiz!




Pink, if most of your answers were ‘pink’ choose ANEW Vitale = Avon ANEW Vitale (pink)


Red, if most of your answers were ‘red’ choose ANEW Reversalist = Avon ANEW Reversalist (red)


Purple, if most of your answers were ‘purple’ choose ANEW Platinum = Avon ANEW Platinum (purple)


Gold, if most of your answers were ‘gold’ choose ANEW Ultimate = Avon ANEW Ultimate (gold)


Do you have any special concerns – which area of special concern did you choose in the quiz?

Avon ANEW Treatments enhance the results of your Avon anew skin care regimen


Avon ANEW Advanced Treatments


ANEW Power Serum – Power up your Avon ANEW skin care regimen – to learn more, Avon ANEW Power Serum


Skinvincible:  lotions and creams to protect and treat environmental damage = Avon ANEW Skinvincible


Overnight Hydration Mask:  re-hydrate and restore = Avon ANEW Overnight Hydration Mask


Rough & dull:  resurface and re-texturize = Avon ANEW Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel


Discolorations: even out dark spots on hands = Avon ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Spot Correcting Hand Cream


Wrinkles/fine lines:  treat target problem areas = Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment


Sagging:  lift and firm = Avon ANEW Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream


ANEW Eye treatments:


Dark under eye circles:  diminish the appearance of dark circles = Avon ANEW Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector

Sagging around the eyes:  reduce puffiness and firm = Avon ANEW Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System

So, what do I use?


As an Avon Representative, I do enjoy trying new products and changing up my personal skin care regimen.  I love hearing “Wow, your skin looks great.  What are you using?” or “I can’t believe you’re in your 50’s, you look younger.”  It all boils down to good skin care and daily use of sunscreen, even on a cloudy day and even in the winter.


Currently I am using the ANEW Platinum line.  For a cleanser I use ANEW Clean Illuminating Rich Cleansing Foam.


So how can you get the best pricing for the Avon anew skin care regimen products?


Avon ANEW Auto-Replinish


The Avon ANEW Auto-Replenish option allows you to choose how often Avon will automatically ship your products to you.  I have compared pricing of the auto-replenish option to the best sale prices from the brochure for purchasing items separately and have found that the best is always using the Avon ANEW Auto-Replenish option!  The auto-replenish option typically includes a day cream, night cream and eye-system.  Of course, you will have to add-on the cleansers and treatment products separately, but you can always watch for those items to go on sale.


Select your Avon ANEW Skin Care Regimen via Avon anew Auto-Replenish.


auto replenish


Update:  there are also now 2 boxed regimen sets.

Platinum Kit comes with day cream, night cream, eye/lip cream and trial sized Power Serum, all for $55:  ANEW Platinum Kit.

Ultimate Kit comes with day cream, night cream, eye system and trial sized Power Serum, all for $55  ANEW Ultimate Kit.


You can also visit the Avon Skin Care Institute for even more information = Avon Skin Care Institute



Traveling?  Take your Avon ANEW Skin Care products with you in convenient travel size = Avon ANEW ULTIMATE Travel Size KIT


Hopefully all this information has helped you in making your Avon ANEW Skin Care Regimen decision.  As an Avon ANEW Skin Care Specialist, I am always available to answer any questions that may not have been answered in this article.


Still not sure which regimen is right for you?  Try the skincare quiz:  Skincare Quiz


Thanks for checking out this post! I’m Barb Barry, owner/creator of The Beauty In You Blog. Sharing my love for all things Avon. I’ll help you find ‘the beauty in you’ so you can look & feel good, inside & out.

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