Avon Demo Books 2020 WN


Avon Demo Books 2020


What's New Campaign 10 Demo Book 2020 Cover


As of October 30, 2019 ‘static links’ to demo books and brochures are no longer available.  The table below shows WN cover images and will update automatically when new images are available.  Individual posts can be found below the table.


Avon Demo Books 2020 are for Representatives to order demos to show customers ahead of campaign brochure launch.  By showing demos to customers you can build excitement for new products and get more orders.


Avon Campaign 12 Demo Book

Avon Campaign 11 Demo Book

Avon Campaign 10 Demo Book

Avon Campaign 9 Demo Book

Avon Campaign 8 Demo Book

Avon Campaign 7 Demos




About Avon Reps Barb & Denise

Barb works full-time as a pediatric RN. Denise is a School bus-driver.  Barb & Denise grew up and still live on Long Island in New York. Denise helps behind the scenes and gives Barb new ideas for the Avon business Barb started in January 2015. Barb is building her team and enjoys online marketing.

One of the things that Barb loves so much about working her Avon business online is the freedom it gives her to work from home. Connecting with customers and team members online via FacebookPinterest and Instagram.

Another thing Barb loves about being an Avon Representative online is being able to help other representatives through the many online groups she belongs to. Managing her own FB business page, customer group and team group enhances her network.



After losing their mom in February 2019, Barb & Denise became closer than ever as sisters & friends.  They planned and took their first trip together and decided to work together as well.


Travel & Achievements

Barb & Denise traveled together for the first time to New Orleans in 2019 to attend Avon RepFest.  In 2020 they will be traveling together to Jamaica, a trip that they earned free through an Avon Incentive.

Barb & Denise achieved Honor Society sales level for 2020 thanks to their fabulous online customers.


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