2018 Avon Demo Books

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2018 Avon Demo Books

Avon Demo Books

What’s New Avon Demos are for Avon Representatives to order demos, sales tools and feature stock up product opportunities ahead of the current brochure. By doing this you can show these products to potential customers ‘what’s new’ and coming out in the future. Avon What’s New Demo Books are also filled with sales tips for Avon Representatives. For information about becoming an Avon Representative, Become an Avon Representative.



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Avon Demos 2018

Avon Campaign 23 2018 What's New


New demo books are added as they become available



2018 Avon Demo Books

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Avon What's New Campaign 19/2018

WN-C19 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 20/2018

WN-C20 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 21/2018

WN-C21 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 22/2018

WN-C22 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 23/2018

WN- C23 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 24/2018

WN-C24 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 25/2018

WN-C25 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 26/2018

WN-C26 2018

Avon What's New Campaign 01/2019

WN-C01 2019

Avon What's New Campaign 02/2019

WN-C02 2019


Future WN demo books will be added as they become available to view online.



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There are 3 ways to shop from the Avon Campaign Brochure Online:

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Selling Avon – Helpful Representative Posts

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What’s New Demo Books – For Representatives

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