Avon RepFest 2018

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Avon RepFest 2018 Columbus OH


Avon RepFest 2018 – Columbus OH

For all my Avon friends that are attending, have a blast and I’ll see you next year!


When can I register for Avon RepFest 2018?


The RepFest registration site can be found at AvonRepFest.com and is now OPEN!  I’m all registered and my hotel is booked plus the Zanesville Tour!  I’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn Columbus Downtown Capitol Square from Thursday night July 26, 2018 to Monday July 30, 2018.  I’m so excited!


All the details are on the RepFest site:  Registration, Zanesville Tour, Meals, Hotels, Flight Info and more.  Register at AvonRepFest.com


What is Avon RepFest?


RepFest is Avon‘s annual conference.  It’s a chance for representatives from all across the country to get together.  The conference provides training seminars, guest speakers, entertainment, swag and a guaranteed great time for all who attend.



When and Where is Avon RepFest 2018?


RepFest is heading to Columbus, OH July 27-29, 2018.  Registration for RepFest 2018 will begin on February 12, 2018.  Details will be found on the youravon representative site.  There will be discounted hotel and airfare for attendees.


If you are an Avon Representative and have never attended RepFest before, you should do your best to attend this annual event.  Check out the video clip below for some highlights from RepFest 2017 in Nashville, TN.  To join Avon Beauty Boss Team Awesome, use reference code BARBIEB if asked if you’re linking to the opportunity page.  To join my team directly, click here.



The RepFest experience will help you energize your business.  It was such a great time meeting fellow representatives from across the country and putting faces with names of those that had been ‘online’ contacts until then.  There have been studies that have shown that representatives from any company that attend a national conference like this become very successful in their business.


Avon RepFest 2018 -


So what’s on the Avon RepFest 2018 agenda?


More details will be provided once the registration page opens on February 12, 2018.  So far, it has been announced that Barbara Corcoran will be the key speaker and Rascal Flatts will provide an exclusive concert.  There is always SWAG (well worth the registration fee) and an abundance of training.  The Product Expo will feature all the new products that will be featured in the fourth quarter (holiday) selling season.


This year’s RepFest in Columbus, OH is within driving distance for many and as mentioned above there will be discounted airfare for those that chose to fly.


If you attend Avon RepFest, you will find it to be not only good for your business, but life changing as well.  If you’re not a representative yet and would love to get in on the fun, you can join my National Team here.  It’s going to be a blast!


Can guests attend Avon RepFest 2018?


The details for guest will be on the RepFest site (starting Feb 12, 2018).  In the past, guests were permitted to attend all of the training, general sessions and entertainment as long as they paid their own registration fee.  Most likely this will also be the same this year.


Are you excited to attend Avon RepFest 2018?


I know I sure am!



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