Avon C15 2021 What’s New Demos


Avon C15 2021 What’s New Demos for Avon Representatives

What’s New C15 features new Isa Knox LXNEW CLEAN cleansers and new summer jewelry. There’s also a skin care business builder bundle for representatives.

Avon What’s New Campaign 15 – 2021 Demo Book – What’s New Campaign 15 is for Avon Representatives to order demos to show customers ahead of campaign brochure launch.  By showing demos to customers you can build excitement for new products and get more orders.

You can purchase your demos for Campaign 15/2021 with your C13/2021 or C14/2021 orders (see below dates)

Representatives 13/2021 orders including demos and brochures for 14/2021 & 15/2021 can be placed from May 26, 2019 and no later than 5pm ET on Tuesday June 8 2021 at AvonNow.  

Representatives 14/2021 orders including demos and brochures for 15/2021 & 16/2021 can be placed from June 9, 2021 and  no later than 5pm ET on Tuesday June 23, 2021 at AvonNow.  

Avon C15 2021 What’s New Demos

Avon Campaign 15/2021 Order Dates

Campaign 15/2021 sale dates for customers online:  June 22, 2021 to July 5, 2021

Campaign 15/2021 order dates for representatives:  June 23, 2021 to July 6 2021 (by 5 pm ET)

Avon Representatives can purchase 2 of everything in the What’s New Demo Book, one for you to try and one for you to show.  The prices in the What’s New are exactly what the Brochure prices will be.  Your Preview Product Discount is based on your Commission Level and will be applied at the checkout.

Happy Selling!

Not a rep yet? You can join for as little as a $5 donation to the American Cancer Society or choose 1 of 3 beauty collections for $30 to really get your new business off to a great start. See the bundles below and when you’re ready, go here: Join Barb’s Avon Team Online

After you join, when you place your first order… you’ll get some incredible rewards!

When you join, you’ll also have access to Avon U (free online training). Participate in the Pathway to Premier to earn bonuses and you can even earn a free trip to Hawaii in the #DestinationAvon incentive. Please reach out to me with any questions @beautybossbarb@gmail.com

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What’s New Demos 2021

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