Avon C8 2021 What’s New Demos


Avon C8 2021 What’s New Demos for Avon Representatives

  Avon C8 What's New Demos for Representatives

Avon What’s New Campaign 08 – 2021 Demo Book – What’s New Campaign 08 is for Avon Representatives to order demos to show customers ahead of campaign brochure launch.  By showing demos to customers you can build excitement for new products and get more orders.

You can purchase your demos for Campaign 08/2021 with your C06/2021 or C07/2021 orders (see below dates)

Representatives 06/2021 orders including demos and brochures for 07/2021 & 08/2021 can be placed from February 17, 2019 and no later than 5pm ET on Tuesday March 2, 2021 at AvonNow.  

Representatives 07/2021 orders including demos and brochures for 08/2021 & 092021 can be placed from March 3, 2021 and  no later than 5pm ET on Tuesday March 16, 2021 at AvonNow.  

Avon C8 2021 What’s New Demos

  • Avon C8 What's New Demos for Representatives
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos
  • Avon C8 2021 What's New Demos

Avon Campaign 08/2021 Order Dates

Campaign 08/2021 sale dates for customers online:  March 16, 2021 to March 29, 2021

Campaign 08/2021 order dates for representatives:  March 17, 2021 to March 30, 2021 (by 5 pm ET)

Avon Representatives can purchase What’s New Demos based on their sales/commission level. You can buy 2 of everything in the What’s New Demo Book, one for you to try and one for you to show.  The prices in the What’s New are exactly what the Brochure prices will be.  Your Preview Product Discount is based on your Commission Level and will be applied at the checkout.

Happy Selling!

Not a rep yet? Join Barb’s Avon Team Online

For a limited time, you can sign up to become an Avon Representative for $0. You’ll get free website (eStore), free online training, a free gift with your first order and more free gifts if that first order is over $60. Join now here.

Not interested in becoming an Avon Representative… that’s ok, you can still shop Avon online and get great sale prices when you register with a representative.

3 Ways to Shop Avon Online

Shop my online Avon store – browse my website and shop by “online departments” like what’s new, categories, sales, or brands.

Shop my online Avon Campaign Brochure – view the online Avon brochure and add items to your online shopping bag while you browse the catalog. If you prefer to receive an Avon catalog in the mail, all you have to do is place an order on my website. When you become an online customer, I mail the next two Avon brochures to your home whenever you place an online order via my representative website. If you place an order from Avon Campaign Brochure, you can also add a free brochure to your shopping cart at the check out.

Shop by product number from the Avon brochure: if you have an Avon book in front of you and already know what you would like to order, use this option. This allows you to order out of the current Avon campaign and back order from the previous Avon campaign. You can find the shop product # option at the top of right “product #” right next to ‘sign in’

Back Order from Previous Avon Campaigns

Did you see something in the Avon Campaign Brochure but miss the online order dates? You can go back one campaign from current. Just browse the online Avon catalogs, find the product numbers of the items you’d like to order, and write down which campaign you found the items in. Once you are ready to place your Avon order, click shop now on my website. In the upper right hand corner, click shop by product #. You can then input your product numbers and use the drop down menus to select the correct campaign.

Be sure to register online and shop with a representative to get all the special deals and sale pricing.  Join Avon’s email list to get special offers like product discounts and free shipping specials.  When you are on our Avon shopping site, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘join our mailing list’ to signup.  When you become a registered customer you’ll get Avon’s direct emails with all the latest sales and special offers.

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