Avon WN Campaign 14 2018 for Reps

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Preview the Avon WN Campaign 14 2018 for Representatives now and order demos with your Campaign 12 order on youravon.  It is important for Avon Representatives to be prepared for the upcoming campaign sales.  The What’s New Demo Book has product information and sales tips for new items.  Purchasing demos and sharing What’s New with your customers and potential customers really does help spread excitement when new products are launching.  I’m personally a huge fan of the jewelry and handbags.


Avon Campaign 14 sales will be live on our eStores from June 12, 2018 to June 25, 2018.  If you are not yet a representative, you can become one and enjoy getting a discount on you productsJoin Avon Now.  Shop Avon Now.

Avon WN Campaign 14 2018


Avon WN Campaign 14 2018 for Representatives


The Avon WN Campaign 14 2018 demo book and in the upcoming Avon Campaign 14 Brochure the focus is on skincare.  You and your customers will have an opportunity to get a free ANEW Vitamin C Serum with purchase.  Be sure to take a look at the Business Builder offer (earn 50%) on page 8-9 of the Avon Campaign 14 What’s New.


If you haven’t already heard, Avon Glazewear will be making its last appearance in the Campaign 13 2018 Brochure.  Make sure you are letting your customers know that the new Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss is launching in Campaign 14 and the What’s New has a color conversion guide on page 21 that will help you with the replacement color.  Big Lipstick sale opportunity too – you can stock up on her favorite shades with 40% earnings – see page 12-13.


Spotlight on Fine Jewelry, new Pink Hope Charms and an A-Box demo opportunity.


Remember your Avon Campaign 12 2018 orders will be due no later than noon on 5/29/18 at youravon



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Avon WN Campaign 14 2018 for Representatives

Avon WN Campaign 14 2018 for Representatives

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