Be Merry Bright & Sparkle Merry Christmas from

Be Merry Bright & Sparkle! Holidays 2018

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Be Merry Bright & Sparkle!


Merry Christmas from


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – – May you find some joy this holiday and may 2019 be your year to shine.


For those that are blessed with happiness, loving families and an abundance of friends: Be Merry, Bright & Sparkle.


For those that are feeling lonely, sad and don’t think they have any reasons to Be Merry, Bright & Sparkle:  I know how hard the holidays can be for many people.  I used to feel this way.


It’s been a long road over the last 10 years… divorce, struggle with my work life balance, aging parents, estranged family members, lost love…  But, I can say that the holidays are what you make of them.  You are the one who decides how you feel about things and how you react to things.  So, don’t let the holidays get you down.  I believe we must all move forward from the things that hold us back from being happy.  Find some joy in every day, see the good in everyone and make the best of our situation.


Be Merry, Bright & Sparkle!  Find the beauty in you and let it shine.


Barb The Beauty In You Blog


Peace, Love & Happiness Always


I’d love to hear how you make the best of your situation and sparkle & shine through the holiday season. (comment below)















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