Limited Edition Iconic Avon

Iconic Avon – Once Upon a Holiday!

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Iconic Avon 


Limited Edition Iconic Avon


All items shown in this post are available for a limited time beginning October 30, 2018 on the eStore


Limited Edition Iconic Avon Lipsticks
Iconic Avon Lipstick – 5 shades

Limited Edition Iconic Avon Lipstick

Vintage style iconic Avon is all the rage this holiday season.  Take a step back in time with beautifully packaged, ready for gift giving style.  Iconic Avon Lipstick (shown above) is packaged in classic Avon prints and available in 5 satin finish shades.  Each lipstick comes in a iconic gift box.  Great stocking stuffer idea.  $6.99 each.  Choose Brit Plaid (Merry Mauve), Chevron (Holiday Chocolate), Leopard (Holly Red), Red Plaid (Sugar Plum) or Houndstooth (Wine Kisses).  Get one or all here.


Limited Edition Iconic Avon Mirror
Iconic Avon Mirror

Limited Edition Iconic Avon Mirror

Mirror, mirror… who’s the fairest of them all?  Iconic Avon Mirror comes with a satin print pouch.  Beautiful compact with 1x and 3x magnification mirrors.  $8.99 each.  Choose Bow or Star.  Another perfect stocking stuffer idea.  Grab yours here.


Limited Edition Iconic Avon True Color Mistletoe Kisses Mini Lipsticks
Avon True Color Mistletoe Kisses

Limited Edition Iconic Avon Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe Mini Lipsticks!  60 Avon True Color Minis are in this beautiful Iconic Avon tin.  Perfect gift for the lipstick lover on your list.  $25/set ($90 value).  Set includes 20 mini Perfectly Matte shades, 20 mini True Color Lipstick shades, 10 mini Bold Lipstick shades, 10 mini Nourishing Lipstick shades and Iconic Avon Tin.  This item is expected to be HOT, HOT, HOT, so get yours now here.


Limited Edition Iconic Avon 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Calendar
12 Days of Christmas Beauty Calendar

Limited Edition Iconic Avon 12 Days of Christmas Calendar

Remember getting Advent Calendars when you were a kid? Who wouldn’t love a ‘beauty’ calendar? The 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Calendar makes a perfect gift for anyone that loves trying new skin care and beauty products. Open a different door each day and reveal the trial size gift inside. $45 ($82 value) Grab up a bunch here.


Limited Edition Iconic Avon Beauty Palette and Classic Beauty Collections
Iconic Avon Beauty Palette (left) & Beauty Classics Collection (right)

Limited Edition Iconic Avon Beauty

Great gift ideas for the makeup lover in your life. Iconic Avon Beauty Palette $9.99 & Iconic Avon Beauty Classics Collection $24.99/set.  The Beauty Palette comes with 4 shimmery eyeshadows and 2 blushes.  The Beauty Classic Collection is a 3-piece boxed set including Eyes of Golden Wonder Shadow Palette, She Dreams of Silver Shadow Palette and In the Blush of Dawn Cheek Palette all packaged in a festive gift box.  Just add a bow.  Pick up the Iconic Beauty Palette here.  Grab the Beauty Classic Collection here.


Limited Edition Iconic Avon Jewelry 2018
Iconic Pearly Poinsettia Necklace & Earring Set, Pearly Wreath Pin and Charm Bracelet

Limited Edition Iconic Avon Jewelry

When I saw this jewelry in the What’s New, it reminded me of my grandmother. She always wore big, bold jewelry, especially at the holidays or on a special occasion.

Shown above Iconic Avon Pearly Poinsettia Necklace and Earrings Set, Intro Sale $19.99/set will be $39.99), Iconic Avon Pearly Wreath Pin, Intro Sale $14.99 (will be $29.99), Iconic Avon Charm Bracelet, Intro Sale $49.99 (will be 99.99).


Limited Edition Iconic Avon Gifts
Iconic Avon 2018 Collectible Plate, Mug and Ornament

Limited Edition Iconic Avon Collectibles

Set the scene with the romanticism of old-fashioned holidays.  Beautiful collectible plate and mug are adorned with 14k gold accents and collectible stamp.  Plate and mug are ceramic, ornament is glass.  Grab yours holiday gifts here.

The Iconic Collection of gifts was inspired by Avon’s heritage and tradition.  The holiday season is a special time of year.  Avon has come a long way in the last 132 years (yes, one hundred thirty-two years).  It’s not your grandmother’s Avon anymore… There truly is something for everyone!  Take a look at the current Avon brochure here The pages are filled with makeup, skin care, bath & body, fragrance, fashion, jewelry, home decor, trendy ‘mark’ and espira wellness.  I am so happy to share the beauty of it all with you.


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About Barb

Barb Barry is a mom, daughter and sister. She works full-time as a pediatric RN. Barb grew up and still lives on Long Island in New York. She started an Avon business over 3 years ago. Barb is building her team and enjoys online marketing.

One of the things that Barb loves so much about working her Avon business online is the freedom it gives her to work from home. Connecting with customers and team members online via Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Be sure to follow the social pages (see the links above this section). Another thing Barb loves about being an Avon Representative online is being able to help other representatives through the many online groups she belongs to. Managing her own FB business page, customer group and team group enhances her network.


Barb’s Hobbies & Travel

Her hobbies include coloring (favorite iPad app is Recolor), crocheting and quilting when time allows. She also loves to travel via motorcycle although she has not been on any road trips lately. Places traveled via ‘bike’ include: Bar Harbor, Skyline Drive, Lake George and more. Good company, food and wine make her happy. Her bucket list trips include: Hawaii, California and South Dakota to name a few. She is still toying with the idea of learning to ride her own motorcycle. Attending RepFest 2017 in Nashville last August was a dream trip. Barb has been a ‘country music‘ fan for years. 2019 will take her to New Orleans for another RepFest. Barb also loves good food and wine.


Her Journey

Her journey with Avon started years ago. In 1999 she became a representative for the first time when her son was just a toddler.

After September 11, 2001, she went back to school, nearly 40 years old at that time. Her Avon business got put on the back burner during this time while she pursued a career in nursing, she graduated in 2005. Barb works full-time as a Registered Nurse at a Children’s Hospital on Long Island.

Over the years, many family and friends would ask if she was still involved with Avon. It didn’t take much thought, so she rejoined the Avon Family in January 2015. It’s been full steam ahead.


What Barb’s Doing Now

Currently servicing customers throughout the USA via the internet, this blog, social media and her eStore. Barb loves sharing Avon’s products, promotions and opportunity with others. Through Avon’s free online training for representatives, Barb acquired her Skin Care Specialist Certification. Barb continues to work as a pediatric RN at a local hospital. She hopes to retire from nursing in about 7-10 years and will work her Avon business full-time then.


Her Goals

Her goals for 2018 include achieving President’s Club Level (10,000 sales annually) and to continue building her team (Team Awesome). Being a full-time Avon Representative is Barb’s retirement plan, her involvement in Avon Leadership will help her achieve that goal.



Barb’s son is now grown is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Her parents and sister live nearby and she has a brother that lives in NC. She loves the way that her business fits into her life is using it to achieve her future financial goals.

My Avon Story

I started my Avon business as a way to earn extra money. Selling Avon to family, friends and coworkers. Over the years, I realized that my passion for being an Avon Representative was growing so I expanded my customer base with the help of the internet. I have customers all over the United States now. I continue to build my Avon business because it allows me to supplement by current income. Truly enjoy servicing customers near and far by sharing the wonderful products that the NEW AVON, LLC has to offer.

I love networking with other representatives and had the pleasure of meeting so many during my visit to Nashville for REPFEST in August of 2017. My next steps will included expanding my team and achieving President’s Club sales level or beyond. I am looking forward to working my Avon business full-time when I retire from nursing in a few years. Avon will be my retirement plan, do you have one? Having my own business makes me feel empowered, independent, confident and yes, beautiful inside and out.

Direct Sales

Most direct sales company representatives join to earn extra money or get their products at a discount. Some become very successful. The best advise that I can give to anyone looking to start a direct selling business is that you will not get rich quick overnight. It takes time and consistency to develop and build relationships with your customers and team members. In the end, those of us that succeed are the ones that never give up on their goals and dreams. I have learned this to be true for everyday life too.

Have a question or comment? Click here to Message Barb now.
Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about what I do and who I am. I really appreciate it.

xoxo ~Barb









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Barb Barry

I love coffee, food & wine. Motorcycle rides make me happy. Coloring, crocheting and quilting are a few of my hobbies. I'm a member of Avon's President's Club, specializing in online sales & leadership. I'm building my empire, one lipstick at a time. I'll help you look & feel good so you can have the confidence to achieve your personal & business goals. Peace & love always, ~Barb

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