My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4 2020


My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4 2020


My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4


My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4 – Serums, CHI Hair Color, Propoli Thera, Aroma Therapy, Perioe Himalaya Pink Salt.

5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4

#1 Serums


Since I am a self proclaimed skincare junkie, I can tell you that I’m excited about this brochure (Campaign 4 2020) – nearly every serum is ‘ON SALE’


My fave serums are ANEW Hydra Fusion 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum, ANEW Vitamin C Serum, ANEW Neutralize Anti-Pollution Serum, ANEW Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir and ANEW Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol.


In Avon’s Campaign 4 2020 which runs from January 21, 2020 to February 3, 2020... you can grab a free Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System with your serum purchase.  Please note that eligible serums are those that can be found on pages 4-11 of the Avon Campaign 4 2020 Brochure.  All special pricing plus free Eye Lift are available only to customers that shop with representatives, either ‘in-person’ or online.  Be sure to register as ‘my’ customer on the eStore here.

Avon Campaign 04 Book 2020 Get FREE Eye Lift Pro


My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4

#2 CHI Essentials Hair Color


I am waiting on my delivery for Medium Honey Blonde!  Just so you know, lighter blonde shades are not currently available at this time.  To achieve a lighter shade, hair has to be stripped of color and requires more harsh ingredients to achieve this.  The result of lighter color is often dry, damaged hair as anyone with a light blonde or highlighted hair like me knows.  Avon’s CHI Essentials Hair Color contains natural ingredients like aloe, silk and olive oil.


Chi Essentials Hair Color provides Salon Color without the salon!  Introducing Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color.  Avon’s got 12 great ammonia free shades for you to choose from.  You’ll get everything you need.  Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color is paraben-free, paba-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free.  Shop Hair Color here.


Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color ChartAVON CHI ESSENTIALS HAIR COLOR! - My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4


My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4

#3 Elastine Propoli Thera Hair Care Line


I wasn’t quite sure if I was a fan of the new Elastine Propoli Thera line at first.  It has a ‘strange‘ scent.  However, the results are amazing.  My hair felt strong, soft and wasn’t weighted down.  Very shiny too!  Propoli Thera is great if you need volumizing or damage repair?  Natural ingredients like propolis, honey and royal jelly.  This hair care line is sulfate-free and paraben-free.  Shop for Elastine Propoli Thera here.


Avon Campaign 04 Book introduces Elastine Propoli Thera

My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4

#4 Aroma Therapy!


Essentials Oils have many uses and you can be creative.  2 scents/formulas are currently available, Energize (mandarin and ylang-ylang) & Calm (lavender and star anise).  (not sold separately, but come as a set)


Check out the mind, body & spirit aroma therapy collection on pages 20-22 in the Avon Campaign 04 Book.  You’ll get a set of 2 essential oils for $24 (when you shop with an Avon Rep)



Avon Campaign 04 Book - Aroma Therapy - My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4

My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4

#5 Perioe Himalaya Pink Salt


Love this!  My teeth are definitely whiter…  Campaign 4 features a new natural, vegan oral care line, Perioe Himalaya Pink Salt Toothpaste & Toothbrush.  You can check out more on page 119 of the Avon Campaign 04 Book.  Shop Oral Care here!


Avon Campaign 04 Book - new oral care himalaya pink salt - My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4


There’s also some great fashion, jewelry and more in this campaign.  Shop current brochure online here.


Until next time… 💋Barb


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My 5 Top Picks Avon Campaign 4



About Avon Reps Barb & Denise

Barb works full-time as a pediatric RN. Denise is a School-bus Driver.  Barb & Denise grew up and still live on Long Island in New York. Denise helps behind the scenes and gives Barb new ideas for the Avon business Barb started in January 2015. Barb is building her team and enjoys online marketing.


One of the things that Barb loves so much about working her Avon business online is the freedom it gives her to work from home. Connecting with customers and team members online via FacebookPinterest and Instagram.


Another thing Barb loves about being an Avon Representative online is being able to help other representatives through the many online groups she belongs to. Managing her own FB business page, customer group and team group enhances her network.




After losing their mom in February 2019, Barb & Denise became closer than ever as sisters & friends.  They planned and took their first trip together and decided to work together as well.



Travel & Achievements

Barb & Denise traveled together for the first time to New Orleans in 2019 to attend Avon RepFest.  In 2020 they will be traveling together to Jamaica, a trip that they earned free through an Avon Incentive.


Barb & Denise achieved Honor Society sales level for 2020 thanks to their fabulous online customers.



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