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Did you know that you can Order from Previous Avon Brochure?  Don’t miss out on that item, you may still have a chance to order it.


Learn How to Order from Previous Avon Brochure


How to back order from past brochure

How to order from previous Avon brochure


How do you know if you can order from a previous Avon brochure?  You can always order from the current campaign (usually the current campaign is shown on an eReps website) and two previous campaigns.  You can enter the ‘product’ entry screen by clicking on ‘product’ from the ‘shop now’ screen of your Avon Representative’s eStore as shown below:



Once you’re on the item entry page, you’ll see the drop-down menu shown below.  Simply enter the item number and change the ‘campaign’ number.  You can only shop from the current Avon Campaign and the two previous ones.



This process of ordering from previous Avon Brochure is known as back-ordering.  Make sure you add the items to your cart by scrolling down the page when you’re done.  When you see the items in your cart, they should have the pricing from the previous Avon Brochure.  This is a great tool to help you save on your purchase!


To view previous Avon Brochures online, check out my post: Avon Brochures Online – view the brochure and jot down the item numbers, then you can go to my Avon eStore at LIBeautyBoss.com and enter the items on the “quick item entry” screen shown above (make sure you change the campaign number if applicable).



Thanks for checking out this post! I’m Barb Barry, owner/creator of The Beauty In You Blog. Sharing my love for all things Avon. I’ll help you find ‘the beauty in you’ so you can look & feel good, inside & out.





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